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About Us / History

Okay Construction originally started as Fransen Brother's Construction in palisade, Minnesota. Shortly after the turn of the century each of the Fransen Brother's had a team of mules they hired to the railroad for construction and maintenance of railroad lines. In 1938 they started doing distribution construction to take advantage of the REA funded projects. The company shut down during World War II and after the war diversified into overhead communication construction, as overhead telephone was replaced by underground Okay stayed solely in overhead transmission, distribution, and substation power construction

In the early 1950's the Fransen Brothers sold the business to several employees and the name of the company was incorporated as Okay Construction in 1951. Ernest Johnson, one of the founding partners ran the company through the mid 1990's and then the company was purchased by his son Greg. Since the beginning, Okay has maintained a reputation for quality workmanship, and loyalty to its customers. A notable quote from Ernie: "experience and education is something that cannot be taken from you."

In 2002, Okay Construction was acquired by Quanta Services and in 2011 was partnered with Irby Construction Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quanta Services based out of Richland, Mississippi. The company has since diversified into other areas of construction including; EPC renewable projects (wind farms, solar), horizontal directional drilling, underground power and cable installation, project management services, and overhead transmission and distribution construction.