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Okay Construction works with major utilities and cooperatives as well as developers/owners of renewable energy projects.

  •  Field construction services for turnkey projects.
  • Direct maintenance and overhead and underground line construction services
  • Medium voltage and high voltage cable installations
  • Maintenance and emergency service

Okay Construction is the service provider of choice for many cooperatives in Minnesota and the Midwest, who have relied on us since 1951.  We have built thousands of miles of three phase and single phase construction power lines for an array of diverse cooperatives throughout Minnesota and the Midwest.  These long term relationships have built our business and reputation.


For over 20 years Okay Construction has been assisting ECE in its new construction, maintenance, and storm damage repair needs.  Okay Construction and ECE have developed and teaming partnership in the past decades and negotiate new contracts on an annual basis.  We anticipate constructing 50 miles of three phase distribution lines in 2009 for ECE.

Location:  Braham, Minnesota – Various Locations MN and WI
Voltage: 120-14,400
Completion: 1981-2010

Connexus Energy

Connexus Energy is the second largest cooperative in the state of Minnesota.  Okay Construction has been supporting Connexus in its underground, horizontal directional drilling, restoration and overhead construction efforts for ten plus years.  In addition, we assist Connexus with on call linemen that are capable of reporting for outages during severe weather.  Our experienced distribution crews have built a rapport with Connexus Energy.

Location:  Ramsey, Minnesota
Voltage: 120 – 7,200
Completion: 2007 – 2009


Okay Construction has been erecting distribution infrastructure for PBEC for over 20 years.  We have been their sole overhead power contractor during this period.  Okay Construction and PBEC have negotiated a unit price contract on a bi-annual basis.  In 2009 we constructed 20 miles of 3-phase and double circuit 3-phase 7.2kV overhead distribution power lines.

Location:  Centuria, Wisconsin
Voltage: 7,200
Completion: 1991-2010

Mille Lacs Energy

Okay Construction has worked coherently with MLEC for the last decade installing primarily underground cable.  Some spects of this contract allowed construction of overhead construction, horizontal directional drilling, cable plowing and installation secondary services.

Location:  Alkin, Minnesota
Voltage: 7,200
Completion: 1999-2009