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Okay Construction work with major utilities as well as industrial clients and developers/owners of renewable energy projects.  We are also experts in complex modifications to existing medium and high voltage facilities.

  • Field construction services for turnkey projects
  • Direct maintenance and line construction services
  • Complete electrical and foundation installation for substations, switchyards, interconnects and transmission lines
  • Medium voltage and high voltage cable installations
  • Maintenance and emergency service

Okay Construction is the service provider of choice for many cooperatives in Minnesota and the Midwest, who have relied on us for decades and return to us for services on multiple facilities.  We have built a large and diverse experience base with substations and switchyards (69kV-230kV).  Those long-term relationships also allow us to anticipate requirements and facilitate interaction between interconnecting utilities.

The success of our integrated approach comes from our strength of our team.  Our construction and management team has experience in all aspects of substation, switchyard, transmission and distribution design.  Our construction field crews work closely with engineering and procurement as well as our customers to ensure the project achieves all objectives, both business and technical.


Potato Lake Substation

Due to the demand in load in the lakes region of Minnesota, Great River Energy had to upgrade its supply of reliable energy to Itasca Mantrap Coop by building a new 115kV line and a new distribution substation for its consumers. Okay Construction provided turnkey services to complete this new substation.

Location:  Park Rapids, MN
Voltage:  34,500-161,000
Completion Date: 2012


Big Blue Substation

Okay Construction completed new construction of a 34.5kV-161kV substation for the Big Blue Wind Farm located in Southern Minnesota.  This Substation will produce reliable green energy for MISO’s green energy portfolio throughout the Midwest.

Location:  Blue Earth, MN
Voltage:  34,500 – 161,000
Completion Date:  2012


Community Wind North

Okay Construction completed a 34.5kV breaker and switch yard for the Community Wind North Wind Farm project located on the west boarder of Minnesota and South Dakota.  The wind farm generated 20 MW of renewable energy that fed into Xcl Energy’s existing Yankee Substation.

Location:  Lake, Benton, MN
Voltage: 34,500
Completion Date:  2011


Danielson Substation

A completely new substation was erected for the Danielson Wind Farm located near Atwater Minnesota; the substation was needed to convert 34.5kV power to 69kV.  This flagship project was Alstom’s first American installation of 12 of their two-megawatt turbines.

Location:  Atwater, MN
Voltage:  34,500
Completion Date:  2011

Great River Energy

Wilson Lake Substation

The construction and expansion of 69kV/115kV substation.  The project also involved re-routing and construction of 18 miles of new transmission line, including modifications to existing primary and backup relaying, removing existing carrier communication equipment.

Location:  Garrison, Minnesota
Voltage:  115,000
Completion Date:  2008

Connexus Energy

West Becker Substation

Okay Construction was the sourced contractor for installation of new 69kV-7.2kV distribution substation with six 7.2kV underground circuits.  Advanced automated control building enclosure, included installation of the SCADA, fiver terminations, testing and commissioning and substation energizing activities.

Location:  Becker, Minnesota
Voltage:  69,000
Completion Date:  2007


Buffalo Bear Substation- Wind Farm

The project consisted of a new 69 kV substation, including all of the collection system installation.  This turnkey project was partnered in the design and the construction was performed solely by Okay Construction LLC.  Work also included foundations, cable trench, grounding, steel structure installation, apparatus, breakers, control cable and terminations.  In addition to the substation, the existing transmission line was modified to connect the grid to the Buffalo Bear 20 MW wind farm.

Location:  Buffalo, Oklahoma
Voltage:  69,000
Completion Date:  2007


Odin Substation

New construction and installation of the above and below grade construction of a new 69kV substation to support the expansion of the nearby wind farm.  New wind generation will supply Great River Energy with an additional energy to sustain GRE’s 29 cooperatives throughout Minnesota.  The 34.5 KV to 69kV substation included all design/engineering work and construction of the connecting transmission line and medium voltage collection system circuits.

Location:  Odin, Minnesota
Voltage:  69,000
Completion Date: 2007


Blooming Prairie Substation and 69kV Tap Line

This project included above and below grade construction of a new distribution 69kV – 7.2kV substation.  This EPC project was partnered on with Consulting Engineers Group, which also included the construction of 69kV tap line to feed the new substation.  The City of Blooming Prairie required an upgraded and reliable energy source for its expanding industrial park.

Location:  Blooming Prairie, Minnesota
Voltage:  69,000
Completion Date: 2007