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Okay Construction excels in the processes required for major transmission line construction and substation installations, and has demonstrated that ability with successful projects completed throughout the Midwest.  Okay Construction considers its core business building overheard distribution, transmission and substations the backbone of what our firm was founded on since 1951.  We feel that our reputation and experience have built a solid rapport with our existing customers.

This list is an example of a few transmission projects we have completed within the last two years.


Master Services Agreement – Transmission

Okay Construction provides transmission infrastructure services to Great River Energy and is considered their primary transmission contractor in Minnesota.  Okay Construction has performed various infrastructure services for GRE over the past 20 years, including a variety of transmission, distribution, substation and storm recovery projects.

Location:  Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin
Voltage: 69,000-230,000
Completion: Ongoing

Great River Energy

Potato Lake -115kV

New construction and rehabilitation of 8 miles of 115kV transmission line located near park rapids MN.  This project presents complexities in difficult wet terrain and ROW constraints.  Project will be completed in early 2012.

Competition Date: 2012

Baxter – 115kV

This project initiative was to provide the Brainerd Lakes with a reliable source of power due to a peak demand and growth of housing in this part of north central Minnesota.  This project will be completed Mid-year in 2012.

Competition Date: 2012


The GD line rehabilititation project consists of replacing all H-structures on ten miles of the GD line and upgrading the OHG to OPGW.  This critical line, which feeds into Grand Folks North Dakota, has to be upgraded due to deterioration.  All construction must be completed before summer due to load issues on the GD line.

Competition Date:  2012

Cook-Fraser Bay 115kV

This project is the final segment of the 115kV line that started in Orr Minnesota in 2010.  This will tie a series of municipalities and cooperatives into a robust transmission network and will supply a reliable source of energy to the northern lakes area.  In addition the project has 14.4kV underbuild that will be built by Okay Construction.  This project will be completed late in 2012 or early 2013.

Great River Energy


Complete new construction of 8 miles of 115kV wood pole construction with 7200v distribution underbuild.  This project was part of GRE’s initiative to upgrade its transmission system in northern Minnesota.

Location:  Hill City, MN
Completion Date: 2011


Lonoke 500kV Storm Response

Okay Construction partnered with Irby Construction (Quanta Services Co.) to repair approximately ten miles of 500kV triple bundle 954 acsr.  Helicopters were used to set structures and wire installation, the project was completed and energized in 6 weeks.

Location:  Arkansas, Lononke
Competition Date:  2011

Great River Energy

Cook – Tower 115kV Phase 2-3

This project provided GRE with a tie line that will ensure GRE and Lake Country Power with a more robust transmission system in northern Minnesota.  Phase 2 and 3 of this project presented many challenges, including rock drilling, blasting and technical terrain to maneuver.  The 20-mile transmission and 14.4kV distribution lines are completed.

Location:  Minnesota/Canada boarder region
Completion Date:  2011

Great River Energy

Cook – Orr 69kV

Due to a demand in energy in northern MN, Great River Energy has taken an initiative to design and build a more robust transmission infrastructure in northern Minnesota.  The Cook-Orr 69kV transmission line is a new 18-mile line that ties that Cook and Orr substations together.  This project required extensive rock drilling/blasting and installation of rock anchors.  In addition, Okay Construction installed a 14.4kV 3-phase underbuild circuit that was owned by Lake Country Power.

Location:  Minnesota/Canada boarder region
Completion Date:  2010

Great River Energy

Badoura-Hackensack 115kV

As an extension of the Long-Lake Badoura 155kV project, this 16-mile transmission tie line entailed installing steel H-Structure poles in challenging terrain, the 115kV line consisted of a single circuit 795 ACSR conductor and multiple waterway crossings.  This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Location:  Northern Minnesota
Completion date:  2010

Great River Energy

Long Lake-Badoura 115kV Rebuild

This project consists of removing 18 miles of an existing 24.5kV transmission line and construction of a new wood/steel pole single circuit 115kV 795 ACSR conductor transmission line.  Okay Construction will provide all installation services including foundation construction, structure installation, aerial and ground construction and power line stringing.

Location:  Northern Minnesota
Completion Date:  2009

Great River Energy

Wilson Late-Mud Lake 115kV

Construction of approximately 15 miles of 115 kV-795 ACSR transmission infrastructure with 7.2kV distribution underbuild.  Under the contract, Okay Construction provided all specialized equipment to install the transmission and distribution line through extremely wet soil and rugged terrain.  In addition, portions of the new GRE Wilson Lake substation were completed by Okay Construction’s crews.

Location:  Near Brainerd Minnesota
Completion Date:  2008

Great River Energy

Fairmont 69kV

Construction of a new 14-mile 69kV single circuit transmission line (wood pole and lament pole).  This project was implemented to provide a viable energy source by the demand for additional ethanol production plants in Southern Minnesota.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and under GRE’s budget.

Location:  Fairmount, Minnesota
Completion Date:  2008

Great River Energy

Linwood 115kV

New construction and maintenance of transmission system, including construction of a new 115kV-230kV substation, building a temporary line to keep the line energized and a new 10 mile double circuit 115kV-795 ACSR transmission line.  Okay Construction’s work will contribute to GRE’s approved plans to expand transmission infrastructure through several new and upgraded transmission line projects in the Minneapolis Metro Area. 

Location:  Linwood, Minnesota
Completion Date:  2008

Great River Energy

St. James 69kV

Construction of a new 12 mile, single-circuit, 69 kV 4/0 T2 transmission line (wood and steel pole) that connects the GRE’s power grid to multiple new wind farms that are being erected in Southern Minnesota.

Location:  Southern Minnesota near St. James.
Completion Date: 2008

Great River Energy

Burnsville 115kV Reconductor

New construction, maintenance of an existing 115kV transmission system, the scope of work included changing out existing poles and reconductoring 4 miles of 4/0ACSR with 477 ACSS.  The old conductor was used to pull in the new conductor in areas with distribution underbuild and other foreign utilities.  This project was located in a high traffic urban area and was completed on schedule and under the GRE’s budget.

Location:  Apple Valley, Minnesota
Completion Date: 2007-2008

Great River Energy

Elk River-Zimmerman 69kV

Construction of a new 10 mile, single-circuit, 69 kV transmission line that connects the GRE’s Elk River power plant to Zimmerman Substation.  This project represents multiple new transmission lines that GRE is erecting to insure Minnesota’s reliable high voltage grid.

Location:  Elk River, Minnesota
Completion Date: 2007

Great River Energy

Maple Grove-Plymouth 115kV

Installation of a new 10 mile 115 kV single circuit transmission line in and around existing 345 kV transmission corridor.  This project consisted of installation of direct imbedment and foundation steel poles.  Multiple distribution, freeway and transmission crossings distinguished the conductor installation process a challenging feat that was successfully and safely completed ahead of schedule and within GRE’s budget.

Location:  Maple Grove, Minnesota
Completion Date: 2007

Great River Energy

Coon Rapids 115kV

New Construction of 5 miles of 115kV line which consisted of wood and steel structures, this project was located in a congested metro area, which entailed extensive traffic management, and stringing plans.  This project was apart of GRE’s initiative to keep a reliable energy source to its customers within the Minneapolis Metro area.

Location:  Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Completion Date:  2007

Great River Energy

Lexington 115kV Double Circuit

Installation of a new 8 mile double circuit 115kV line and retirement of an existing single circuit arterial transmission line that had to be relocated due to an extensive highway-move project.  This project consisted primarily of single wood, lament and self supported steel poles.

Location:  Circle Pines, Minnesota
Completion Date:  2007